May 20, 2014

Rylan’s Barbie Fashion runway Party- 6th Birthday. FABULOUS!

Fun Size BarbieBarbie Photo BoothBarbie Photo Booth DSC_4000 DSC_4045 DSC_4091

August 23, 2010

Our baby is growing up!

So we got this ‘report card’ from Rylan’s school the other day.  Potty training, here we come!

August 16, 2010

Sand Molds and a Movie!


Then one day the Zoo!

It was hot! But the kids had a blast and really enjoyed the penguins!


Hawaiian Falls was Next

I have to find the 1 picture I have I think it’s on my phone. Rylan is so much fun and she is fearless. She loved the water. She loved the floaties! She would sit on it with her hands on the handles and walk like a crab across the water!

Summer Fun 2010

For this year’s summer vacation we had a staycation. We did something fun everyday. Here are some of the fun!

First Day we went to the Circus! Rylan loved the Elephant!


July 11, 2010

Pretty In Pink

This is known as the sleeping goudy dress. (sleeping beauty to anyone older than 2)


May 31, 2010

She's growin up

So all in the last month, Rylan has turned 2, stopped using a binky, and moved into a ‘big girl’ toddler bed.  WOW….what were we thinking?!?  She talks so well and SO much it’s hard to believe she’s only 2!

February 11, 2010

Little late but here is her Christmas Dress

She is getting so big. She is becoming a little girl so much more than a baby.

Jesus loves me…

So Rylan burst into song Wednesday morning. Jesus loves me this I know. Wow now that makes your heart beam! We think she knows it all she will sing bits and pieces of it. She has been singing her alphabet up to G and then she skips some and does an L then Q, but she has the tune down.